a sero-epidemiological survey of equine piroplasmosis in the northern and eastern cape provinces of south africa.serum samples from yearling thoroughbred horses (n = 176) in the magisterial districts of colesberg, venterstad, and wodehouse in the northern and eastern cape provinces were collected between september and november 1995 to determine the prevalence of antibodies to babesia equi and babesia caballi in these regions. samples were examined for specific antibodies using the indirect fluorescent antibody test. the 95% confidence intervals for the prevalence of serum antibodies in the 3 districts comb ...19969284032
a field study of patterns of unobserved foetal loss as determined by rectal palpation in foaling, barren and maiden thoroughbred mares.records of 1,009 pregnancies in 574 foaling, barren and maiden thoroughbred mares on a single stud farm, over a period of 12 years were examined. the farm is situated in the eastern cape province of south africa, at an elevation of 1,800 m, and in an area of climatic extremes. records of 604 pregnancies in 249 foaling thoroughbred mares were examined. for these purposes, those pregnancies in which a mare conceived in the same breeding season during which she had foaled were considered as pregnan ...19921606930
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