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[intestinal parasites infection of horses from riding clubs in kraków area].the studies were carried out in 2001 and 2002 on horses from riding clubs in krakow area. on the basis of mcmaster method epg (eggs per gram) and prevalence of infection (%) was evaluated. the most common parasites were strongyles (strongylidae). in the first year of study in dynamics of strongyles eggs output of horses kept on paddocks two peaks were observed: in may (450 epg) and january (427 epg), in comparison with horses under pasture system where the highest level of strongyles eggs output ...200416859043
karyotype evaluation among young horse populations in poland.five hundred young horses of the following breeds: thoroughbred, silesian, malopolska, wielkopolska, polish konik, hutsul, shetland pony, half-bred anglo-arabian, noble half-bred, fjord and crosses were cytogenetically investigated. chromosome preparations obtained after lymphocyte culture were analysed using conventional giemsa staining and cbg-banding methods. in the case of abnormalities gtg-banding as well as fish technique were applied. in ten mares different karyotypic abnormalities were d ...200717557614
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