a seroepidemiological study of exposure to toxoplasma, leishmania, echinococcus and trichinella in equids in greece and analysis of risk factors.the role of horses in the transmission of parasitic zoonoses either as a source of infection to vectors or through contamination of definitive hosts is gaining importance worldwide. for this reason sera from 773 equids including 753 horses, 13 mules and seven ponies in four regions of greece were investigated by elisa for the presence of igg antibodies against toxoplasma, leishmania, echinococcus and trichinella. anti-toxoplasma antibodies were detected in all regions with an overall prevalence ...201020197215
seroprevalence of equine piroplasms and host-related factors associated with infection in greece.serum samples were collected from a total of 544 equids that included 524 horses, 13 mules, and 7 ponies from various regions of mainland greece and were examined by competitive-inhibition elisa (celisa) to evaluate the level of exposure of greek equids to theileria (babesia) equi and/or babesia caballi, the causative agents of piroplasmosis. association between seropositivity and host-related factors of species, gender, age, origin, activity and location were investigated. the overall seropreva ...201020138434
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