occurrence of some mycotoxins (aflatoxin, ochratoxin a, citrinin, zearalenone and vomitoxin) in various egyptian feeds.ninety five samples of various egyptian feedstuffs were investigated for the aflatoxin b1, b2, g1, and g2 means thin layer chromatography (tlc). out of these samples 44.2% were positive (maize, rice crack, rice germ, rice germ cake, rice bran, wheat bran, cotton seed, cotton seed cake, peanut, and mixed feed for broilers, egg production, calf fattening and milk production). high percentage (90.5%) of the positive samples were contaminated with less than 100 ppb total aflatoxins. peanut from "ism ...19902148258
natural babesia infection sought in black and norway rats trapped in five egyptian governorates.babesiosis is a protozoal disease caused by members of the genus babesia transmitted by the ixodid ticks. it is a parasite of various mammalian hosts as bovine (b. bovis), equine (b. equi), rodent (b. microti), canine (b. canis) and others. human cases of babesiosis have been reported from several countries including egypt. it is now well established that man may become infected (fulminating or subclinical) with several species of babesia without prior splenectomy. in this paper, a total of 398 ...19938376851
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