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isolation and identification of african horsesickness virus from naturally infected dogs in upper egypt.african horsesickness virus was isolated from blood samples of street dogs in aswan province in arab republic of egypt. of six isolated "dog strain" african horsesickness viruses, three viruses designated d2, d6 and d10 have been identified as type 9 african horsesickness virus. methods of isolation, tissue culture adaptation, serological indentification and typing are described. horses experimentally infected with dog viruses showed febrile reaction and characteristic clinical and pathological ...19817337871
two species of tabanids (order: diptera) in aswan district, egypt.tabanus taeniola and haematopota minuscula were trapped on camels and equines at daytime during summer of 2000. many species of tabanus and few species of haematopota were reported before in egypt. this paper stresses on the medical and veterinary importance of these vectors.200111478443
an epizootic of equine influenza in upper egypt in 2000.this study describes an epizootic of respiratory tract disease caused by influenza virus infection in a large population of equines in luxor and aswan, upper egypt, during the winter of 2000. the epizootic started in january and the infection rate reached its peak in february before gradually decreasing until the end of april, 2000. horses, donkeys and mules of all ages and both sexes were affected. free movement of the infected equines and direct contact between the animals at markets facilitat ...200415861887
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