serological survey of african horse sickness in selected districts of jimma zone, southwestern ethiopia.a cross-sectional serological survey was undertaken in selected districts of different agro-ecology of jimma zone (dedo, yebu, seka, serbo, and jimma town) from november 2009 to february 2010 to determine the seroprevalence of african horse sickness virus and associated risk factors of the disease. two hundred seventy-four equids (189 horses, 43 mules, and 47 donkeys) with a history of non-vaccination for at least 2 years were selected randomly from the above areas. sera samples were collected a ...201121465102
the use of enzyme linked immunosorbent assays to investigate the prevalence of trypanosoma equiperdum in ethiopian horses.a field study involving 309 horses was undertaken in the provinces of arsi and bale in the ethiopian highlands to investigate the prevalence of trypanosoma equiperdum infections using enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (elisas) for the detection of both trypanosomal antigen and antibody. adult horses of both sexes were examined for clinical signs of t. equiperdum infection and serum samples were collected for the assays. one hundred and one horses showed the presence of trypanosomal antibodies i ...19979299693
comparative diagnosis of parasitological, serological, and molecular tests in dourine-suspected on comparative sensitivity of parasitological, serological, and molecular tests on 237 horses originating from two dourine-suspected districts of arsi-bale highlands of ethiopia was conducted to determine the prevalence of the disease and degree of agreement of the diagnostic tests. accordingly, the prevalence of the disease was found to be 4.6%, 36.7%, and 47.6% by parasitological woo test, rotat 1.2 and 18s pcr tests, respectively. the seroprevalence of the disease was 27.6% in catt/tryp ...201020526860
serological and parasitological survey of dourine in the arsi-bale highlands of ethiopia.this study was conducted from august 2005 to january 2007 to determine prevalence and distribution of dourine in horses and to investigate the occurrence of clinical and carrier cases in donkeys and mules in the arsi-bale highlands. study methodology was based on questionnaire, serological, clinical and parasitological survey. the questionnaire indicated that dourine is a major health problem of equines in the arsi-bale highlands. though dourine is commonly observed throughout the year, it has a ...201019924557
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