an investigation of equine infectious anaemia infection in the central anatolia region of this study, 162 horses, 80 donkeys and 51 mule serum samples were collected in konya city. additionally, 64 horse serum samples from ankara and 49 samples from kayseri city were included in the study. a total of 406 serum samples were examined by agar gel immunodiffusion (agid) and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for antibody to equine infectious anaemia virus (eiav) and no positive result was detected.200717665759
some organochlorine pesticide residues in fish species in konya, turkey.the levels of organochlorine pesticides were measured in 18 fish species from konya markets, turkey. these species were selected on the basis of their importance to local human fish consumption. the extracted residues were analyzed on a micro capillary gas chromatograph equipped with an electron capture detector. total 14 different organochlorine pesticides were determined. these residues were detected in all fish species, except in trout, horse mackerel and bonito. ddt and its metabolites and h ...200919103455
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