seroprevalence of toxoplasmosis in horses in niğde province of turkey.the present study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of toxoplasma gondii specific antibodies in local horses from four districts of niğde in the middle of turkey, between april-june 2004. serum samples were obtained a total of 125 horses which consisted of 81 (50 female, 31 male) 1-10 years old and 44 (25 female, 19 male) 11-20 years old and tested for antibodies to t. gondii using the sabin feldman dye test (sfdt). according to the results of the sfdt, antibodies to t. gondii were fou ...201019701805
investigation of seroprevalence of theileria equi and babesia caballi in horses in nigde province, turkey.the prevalence of equine piroplasmosis caused by theileria equi and babesia caballi in nigde, in central anatolia, turkey has remained unknown. serum samples were obtained from a total of 125 horses and were tested for antibodies to t. equi and b. caballi using the indirect fluorescence antibody test (ifat). twenty-three (18.4%) horses were seropositive for equine piroplasmosis. anti-t. equi was observed in 16 horses (12.8%) while anti-b. caballi was detected in 12 horses (9.6%). in addition, 5 ...200919052908
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