african horse sickness virus antibodies in cyprus--1971-72. 19744428592
possible spread of african horse sickness on the wind.analyses of outbreaks of african horse sickness showed that movement of infected culicoides midges on the wind was most likely responsible for the spread of the disease over the sea from morocco to spain in 1966, from turkey to cyprus in 1960, and from senegal to the cape verde islands in 1943. the pattern of spread of the epidemic in the middle east in 1960 could have been laid down by the infected midges carried on spells of south-east winds, and analyses of outbreaks in algeria in 1965 and in ...1977269203
[the occurence of the hindgut ciliate hemiprorodon gymnoposthium (ciliophora: buetschliidae) from domestic horses in cyprus].hemiprorodon gymnoposthium was investigated in the intestine of horses, found in cyprus. it was found in four of fifth horses examined and thus had a frequency of appearence of 80%. this study reports for the first time the presence of hemiprorodon gymnoposthium in the intestine of equids in cyprus. in addition, it is the second report from the world. specimens were found to be similar to the original description on the basis of morphological characters and biometric data.201020954125
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