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Molecular epidemiology of anthrax cases associated with recreational use of animal hides and yarn in the United States.To determine potential links between the clinical isolate to animal products and their geographic origin, we genotyped (MLVA-8, MVLA-15, and canSNP analysis) 80 environmental and 12 clinical isolates and 2 clinical specimens from five cases of anthrax (California in 1976 [n?=?1], New York in 2006 [n?=?1], Connecticut in 2007 [n?=?2], and New Hampshire in 2009[n?=?1]) resulting from recreational handling of animal products. For the California case, four clinical isolates were identified as MLVA-8 ...201122174783
gastrointestinal anthrax after an animal-hide drumming event - new hampshire and massachusetts, 2009.on december 24, 2009, a woman aged 24 years from new hampshire was confirmed to have gastrointestinal anthrax on the basis of clinical findings and a bacillus anthracis blood culture isolate. her symptoms began on december 5. one day before symptom onset, she had participated in a drumming event at a community organization's building where animal-hide drums of multiple ages and origins were played. this report describes the case and subsequent investigation, which identified 84 persons potential ...201020651643
an epidemic of inhalation anthrax, the first in the twentieth century: i. clinical features. 1960. 200211812400
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