australia's notifiable diseases status, 2001: annual report of the national notifiable diseases surveillance 2001 there were 104,187 notifications of communicable diseases in australia reported to the national notifiable diseases surveillance system (nndss). the number of notifications in 2001 was an increase of 16 per cent of those reported in 2000 (89,740) and the largest annual total since the nndss commenced in 1991. in 2001, nine new diseases were added to the list of diseases reported to nndss and four diseases were removed. the new diseases were cryptosporidiosis, laboratory-confirmed influen ...200312725505
sporadic human anthrax in urban brisbane. 19989775523
redefining the australian anthrax belt: modeling the ecological niche and predicting the geographic distribution of bacillus anthracis.the ecology and distribution of b. anthracis in australia is not well understood, despite the continued occurrence of anthrax outbreaks in the eastern states of the country. efforts to estimate the spatial extent of the risk of disease have been limited to a qualitative definition of an anthrax belt extending from southeast queensland through the centre of new south wales and into northern victoria. this definition of the anthrax belt does not consider the role of environmental conditions in the ...201627280981
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