pilot study of expedited hiv-1 testing of women in labor at an inner-city hospital in new york evaluate the feasibility of offering voluntary counseling and expedited human immunodeficiency virus (hiv) testing to women in labor, and to assess the characteristics of two rapid hiv assays compared with results from an expedited standard enzyme immunoassay (eia), with western blot confirmation, as indicated, we undertook a pilot study immediately prior to enactment of new york state regulations (august 1999) requiring expedited testing of laboring women (or newborns) with undocumented hiv ...200111321245
atypical squamous cells, cannot exclude high grade intraepithelial lesion (asc-h): does hpv matter?the role of human papillomavirus (hpv) in cases diagnosed as atypical squamous cells, cannot exclude high squamous grade intraepithelial lesion (asc-h) in cervical specimens is not well established. the objective of this study is to evaluate the role of hpv status in cases of asc-h in a major cancer center. one hundred thirty-two patients with a diagnosis of asc-h were identified over a 4-yr period in our institution. forty-four of 132 cases were evaluated for high-risk hpv and had biopsy follow ...200717173297
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