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active, multisite, laboratory-based surveillance for cryptosporidium parvum.cryptosporidium parvum leaped to the attention of the united states following the 1993 outbreak in milwaukee, wisconsin, which sickened 400,000 people. other outbreaks in the united states have been associated with drinking and recreational water, consumption of contaminated foods, contact with animals, and childcare attendance. despite its public health importance, the number of people who become infected each year is not known. in 1997, active surveillance for c. parvum was added to the foodbo ...200011037779
communitywide cryptosporidiosis outbreak associated with a surface water-supplied municipal water system--baker city, oregon, 2013.cryptosporidium, a parasite known to cause large drinking and recreational water outbreaks, is tolerant of chlorine concentrations used for drinking water treatment. human laboratory-based surveillance for enteric pathogens detected a cryptosporidiosis outbreak in baker city, oregon during july 2013 associated with municipal drinking water. objectives of the investigation were to confirm the outbreak source and assess outbreak extent. the watershed was inspected and city water was tested for con ...201626264893
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