from the centers for disease control and prevention. foodborne outbreak of diarrheal illness associated with cryptosporidium parvum--minnesota, 1995. 19968849738
recurrent outbreaks of cryptosporidiosis associated with calves among students at an educational farm programme, minnesota, 2003.enteric illness outbreaks among middle-/high-school students in consecutive semesters of an educational farm programme were investigated with retrospective cohort studies. during the first outbreak, 31/92 (34%) interviewed students were ill. risk factors included participating in animal science class (rr 8.1, 95% ci 1.2-55.2) and contact with calves (rr 4.2, 95% ci 1.1-16.2). stool samples from seven students and two calves yielded cryptosporidium parvum. students cared for animals in street clo ...200616672084
evidence that cryptosporidium parvum populations are panmictic and unstructured in the upper midwest of the united states.cryptosporidium parvum is a zoonotic protozoan parasite that causes cryptosporidiosis, an infectious diarrheal disease primarily affecting humans and neonatal ruminants. understanding the transmission dynamics of c. parvum, particularly the specific contributions of zoonotic and anthroponotic transmission, is critical to the control of this pathogen. this study used a population genetics approach to better understand the transmission of c. parvum in the upper midwest united states. a total of 25 ...201222983961
active, multisite, laboratory-based surveillance for cryptosporidium parvum.cryptosporidium parvum leaped to the attention of the united states following the 1993 outbreak in milwaukee, wisconsin, which sickened 400,000 people. other outbreaks in the united states have been associated with drinking and recreational water, consumption of contaminated foods, contact with animals, and childcare attendance. despite its public health importance, the number of people who become infected each year is not known. in 1997, active surveillance for c. parvum was added to the foodbo ...200011037779
foodborne outbreak of diarrheal illness associated with cryptosporidium parvum--minnesota, 1995.on september 29, 1995, the minnesota department of health (mdh) received reports of acute gastroenteritis among an estimated 50 attendees of a social event in blue earth county on september 16. this report summarizes the epidemiologic and laboratory investigations of the outbreak, which indicate the probable cause for this foodborne outbreak was cryptosporidium parvum.19968801445
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