a comparison of four fluorescent antibody-based methods for purifying, detecting, and confirming cryptosporidium parvum in surface waters.cryptosporidiosis has been traced to drinking contaminated surface water, which was either not treated or was ineffectively treated. testing to detect cryptosporidium parvum in surface water has been suggested to help prevent future outbreaks. in the present study, the same sample collection and filtration methods were used to compared sample processing and detection steps from 4 testing methods: a modified information collection rule (icr) method and method 1623 (both developed by the u.s. envi ...200111695378
outbreak of cryptosporidiosis associated with a firefighting response - indiana and michigan, june 2011.on june 20, 2011, the indiana department of homeland security notified the indiana state department of health (isdh) of an indiana fire station that reported gastrointestinal illness among a substantial percentage of their workers, causing missed workdays and one hospitalization as a result of cryptosporidiosis. all ill firefighters had responded to a barn fire in michigan, 15 miles from the michigan-indiana border on june 6; responding firefighters from michigan also had become ill. isdh immedi ...201222398843
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