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occurrence of cryptosporidium parvum and bacterial pathogens in faecal material in the red fox (vulpes vulpes) population. 200717225081
genotypes and subtypes of cryptosporidium spp. in neonatal calves in northern ireland.cryptosporidium spp. in diarrheic calves less than 30 days old from farms across northern ireland were examined over a year period by microscopic, genotyping, and subtyping techniques to characterize the transmission dynamics. cryptosporidium oocysts were detected in 291 of 779 (37.4%) animals. the prevalence rates of rotavirus, coronavirus, and escherichia coli k99+ were lower as seen in 242 of 806 (30.0%), 46/806 (5.7%), and 16/421 (3.8%) of animals, respectively. of the 224 cryptosporidium-po ...200717031699
low incidence of concurrent enteric infection associated with sporadic and outbreak-related human cryptosporidiosis in northern ireland. 200212149394
three drinking-water-associated cryptosporidiosis outbreaks, northern ireland.three recent drinking-water-associated cryptosporidiosis outbreaks in northern ireland were investigated by using genotyping and subgenotyping tools. one cryptosporidium parvum outbreak was caused by the bovine genotype, and two were caused by the human genotype. subgenotyping analyses indicate that two predominant subgenotypes were associated with these outbreaks and had been circulating in the community.200212023922
molecular genotyping of human cryptosporidiosis in northern ireland: epidemiological aspects and review.cryptosporidium parvum is the most common of the protozoal pathogens associated with gastrointestinal disease in northern ireland. genotyping techniques are valuable in helping to elucidate sources and modes of transmission of this parasite. there have been no reports on the prevalence of genotypes in northern ireland, mainly due to a lack of discriminatory genotyping techniques, which recently have become available.200111918331
pcr-ims detection and molecular typing of cryptosporidium parvum recovered from a recreational river source and an associated mussel (mytilus edulis) bed in northern ireland.pcr-ims was used to detect cryptosporidium spp. in environmental water samples in northern ireland which had previously tested negative by a conventional ifa staining method. oocysts of c. parvum detected in river water and final treated sewage effluent collected from various sites along the river lagan were identified as genotype 2 (animal origin) based on polymorphisms observed at the thrombospondin related adhesion protein gene locus. similarly, genotype 1 (human origin) oocysts of c. parvum ...200111811889
occurrence and molecular genotyping of cryptosporidium spp. in surface waters in northern investigate the incidence and genotype of cryptosporidium parvum oocysts in drinking water sources in northern ireland for the period 1996-1999, and to compare conventional and molecular methods of detection.200111722653
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