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risk factors for cryptosporidium diarrhea in early childhood: a case-control study from guinea-bissau, west africa.cryptosporidium is increasingly recognized as an important agent of diarrhea in normal and immunocompromised humans. in young children in developing countries the parasite is a cause of persistent diarrhea with an associated excess mortality. to elucidate possible determinants of cryptosporidiosis, an open cohort of young children from a semiurban area of the capital of guinea-bissau was followed for 2 years. data about possible risk factors were recorded each month, and a nested case-control st ...19948166134
intestinal parasites in hiv-2 associated aids cases with chronic diarrhoea in guinea-bissau.previous studies from african countries where hiv-1 infection is prevalent have shown that infections with cryptosporidium parvum, isospora belli and microsporidia are frequently associated with chronic diarrhoea in aids patients. the information about the occurrence of these parasites in hiv-2 associated aids cases with chronic diarrhoea is limited. we have performed a study of stool parasites in patients from guinea-bissau, the country with the highest prevalence of hiv-2 in the world. stool s ...200111495643
seven years' experience with cryptosporidium parvum in guinea-bissau, west community-based studies conducted from 1991 to 1997 in guinea-bissau, west africa, stool specimens from children aged less than 5 years with diarrhoea were routinely examined for enteric parasites. cryptosporidium parvum, found in 7.7% of 4,922 samples, was the second most common parasite, exceeded only by giardia lamblia which was found in 14.8% of the samples. the highest prevalence of cryptosporidium was found in children aged 6-11 months, whereas the prevalence of other enteric parasites ...200111732149
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