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the occurrence of branhamella catarrhalis and other commensal neisseriaceae in clinical sputum specimens in lagos, nigeria.branhamella catarrhalis and other commensal neisseria species were isolated from 200 out of 500 sputum samples from patients with lower respiratory tract (lrt) infections at the lagos university teaching hospital (luth). b. catarrhalis was isolated from 60 (12%). the isolation rates for other neisseria species were as follows: n. mucosa from 45 (9%), n. sicca from 40 (8%), n. lactamica from 35 (7%), n. cinerea from 12 (2.4%) and n. subflava from 8 (1.6%). b. catarrhalis occurred in pure cultures ...19902123801
isolation and characterization of heavy metals resistant bacteria from lagos lagoon.a total of 228 bacteria with an ability to resist toxic heavy metals were isolated from 8 selected sites of the lagos lagoon. the bacteria isolated were staphylococcus sp., bacillus sp., pseudomonas sp., streptococcus sp., moraxella sp., escherichia coli, proteus sp., klebsiella sp. and salmonella sp. the heavy metals to which resistance was recorded were mercury, lead, zinc, cobalt, copper and chromium. the lagoon sites from which the highest number of resistant bacteria were isolated were mari ...19979438345
bacterial bloodstream infections in hiv-infected adults attending a lagos teaching investigation was carried out during october 2005-september 2006 to determine the prevalence of bloodstream infections in patients attending the outpatient department of the hiv/aids clinic at the lagos university teaching hospital in nigeria. two hundred and one patients--86 males and 115 females--aged 14-65 years were recruited for the study. serological diagnosis was carried out on them to confirm their hiv status. their cd4 counts were done using the micromagnetic bead method. twenty ml o ...201020824974
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