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respiratory tract infections due to branhamella catarrhalis: epidemiological data from western australia.during a 3-year period branhamella catarrhalis was isolated in significant numbers from 239 (1.3%) of 19,488 specimens of sputum sent for routine microbiological examination at a 700-bed general hospital. the majority of patients (83%) were over 60 years of age and 65% were male. there was a distinct seasonal variation in isolations with a peak incidence during the winter and early spring, a pattern not found with other pathogens. susceptibility to amoxycillin decreased by approximately 50% over ...19873119360
gram-negative bacterial infections and cardiovascular parasitism in green sea turtles (chelonia mydas).to investigate causes of ill health and mortality in juvenile wild green sea turtles (chelonia mydas) found along the mid-north west coast of western australia between june and october of 1997.19989673767
sentry antimicrobial surveillance program asia-pacific region and south africa.the sentry antimicrobial surveillance program was initiated in january 1997 and was designed to monitor the predominant pathogens and antimicrobial resistance for both nosocomial and community-acquired infections globally by using validated, reference-quality identification and susceptibility testing methods performed in a central laboratory. consecutive bacterial or fungal isolates, deemed clinically significant by local criteria, are forwarded to the local reference laboratory from various stu ...200312807276
upper respiratory tract bacterial carriage in aboriginal and non-aboriginal children in a semi-arid area of western australia.streptococcus pneumoniae, haemophilus influenzae and moraxella catarrhalis are associated with otitis media (om). indigenous children experience particularly high rates of om. few studies worldwide have described upper respiratory tract (urt) carriage in indigenous and non-indigenous children living in the same area.200616940834
antimicrobial susceptibility of moraxella catarrhalis isolated from children in kalgoorlie-boulder, western investigate antimicrobial susceptibility of moraxella catarrhalis isolated from a cohort of children being followed in a study of the natural history of otitis media in a semi-arid region of western australia.201020350222
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