lower respiratory tract infection in hospitalized children.the aim of the present study was to investigate the aetiology and antibiotic-resistance patterns of community-acquired lower respiratory tract infection (lrti) in 1999 and compare it with data from 1995 and 1988.200312856747
the changing trend in the pattern of infective etiologies in childhood acute lower respiratory tract infection.the etiologic agents causing acute lower respiratory tract infection (lrti) in hospitalized children were compared for 1995 and 1988. between may 1994 to april 1995, 397 children were admitted to tan tock seng hospital for acute lrti compared to 240 children in 1988. the following criteria for lrti were used: (i) age less than 12 years with a community-acquired lrti; (ii) presence of cough or fever of less than 2 weeks' duration; and (iii) presence of tachypnea, chest retractions or pulmonary in ...19979241892
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