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[characterization of communities of heterotrophic bacteria associated with healthy and diseased corals in nha trang bay (vietnam)].a comparative investigation of the heterotrophic microflora of 11 species of healthy corals and of white-band-diseased and yellow-band-diseased corals inhabiting the reefs of nha trang bay (vietnam), which has been exposed to anthropogenic impact, was performed. fifty-nine strains of heterotrophic bacteria isolated on y/k and endo media were investigated and characterized. all the isolates were identified at the genus level by consideration of the results of analysis of their phenotypic properti ...200516315986
surveillance of pneumococcal-associated disease among hospitalized children in khanh hoa province, understand the epidemiology of childhood bacterial diseases, including invasive pneumococcal disease, prospective surveillance was conducted among hospitalized children in nha trang, vietnam.200919191620
association between nasopharyngeal load of streptococcus pneumoniae, viral coinfection, and radiologically confirmed pneumonia in vietnamese children.the interplay between nasopharyngeal bacterial carriage, viral coinfection, and lower respiratory tract infections (lrtis) is poorly understood. we explored this association in vietnamese children aged less than 5 years.201120686433
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