outbreak of vertigo in wyoming: possible role of an enterovirus epidemiologic investigation was conducted to characterize and evaluate the possibility of a viral aetiology of an outbreak of acute vertigo in hot springs country, wyoming, during autumn 1992. case-finding identified hot springs county residents who sought medical attention for new onset vertigo during 1 august, 1992-31 january 1993. thirty-five case-patients and 61 matched controls were interviewed and serum specimens were obtained during january 1993. case-patients were more likely than con ...19968760963
serologic survey for infectious pathogens in free-ranging american bison.from november 1991 through march 1992, we evaluated 101 free-ranging american bison (bison bison) from yellowstone national park, wyoming (usa) for exposure to infectious organisms that commonly infect cattle. no titers were detected for bluetongue virus, bovine leukemia virus, or campylobacter fetus in these 101 bison. detectable antibodies occurred against anaplasma marginale (eight of 76, 11%), bovine respiratory syncytial virus (31 of 101, 31%), bovine viral diarrhea (31 of 101, 31%), bovine ...19979131564
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