acute lower respiratory tract infection due to virus among hospitalized children in dhaka, bangladesh.the nature of acute lower respiratory tract infection (alri) in hospitalized children and of the associated viral agents was assessed in a study of 601 children less than 5 years old over a 24-month period. of these children, 80% were less than 24 months of age and the ratio of boys to girls was 1.7:1. pneumonia (86.5% of cases) was the most frequently observed clinical manifestation. shedding of virus was detected in 21.1% of the children; the highest rate occurred in infants 0-5 months old (27 ...19902176737
acute lower respiratory tract infections in hospitalized patients with diarrhea in dhaka, bangladesh.this study focused on 401 children less than 5 years old who were hospitalized with acute lower respiratory tract infection (alri) and diarrhea in dhaka, bangladesh, and who were investigated for the presence of both bacterial and viral respiratory tract pathogens as well as for selected diarrheal pathogens. the most common manifestations of alri were pneumonia (374 cases), bronchiolitis (12 cases), and tracheobronchitis (11 cases). the majority (77%) of the illnesses were in children less than ...19902270412
maternal vitamin d supplementation during pregnancy and lactation to prevent acute respiratory infections in infancy in dhaka, bangladesh (mdari trial): protocol for a prospective cohort study nested within a randomized controlled trial.early infancy is a high-risk period for severe acute respiratory infection (ari), particularly in low-income countries with resource-limited health systems. lower respiratory tract infection (lrti) is commonly preceded by upper respiratory infection (urti), and often caused by respiratory syncytial virus (rsv), influenza and other common community-acquired viral pathogens. vitamin d status is a candidate modifiable early-life determinant of the host antiviral immune response and thus may influen ...201627737646
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