diagnoses of acute lower respiratory tract infections in children in rawalpindi and islamabad, pakistan.a hospital-based inpatient and outpatient study of 1,492 cases of acute lower respiratory tract infection (alri) was conducted from november 1986 to march 1988 in two hospitals in rawalpindi and islamabad, pakistan. specimens of nasopharyngeal aspirate were processed for viral studies in all cases; blood cultures were performed in 1,331 cases; and urine was obtained for detection of bacterial antigen in 378 cases, but 227 of these samples had bacterial contamination and were discarded. respirato ...19902270413
winter peak of respiratory syncytial virus in islamabad.a study was carried out on 391 cases of bronchiolitis and pneumonia from different paediatric units in rawalpindi/islamabad, pakistan. a clear winter spike of respiratory syncytial virus (rsv) was noted. it was found that there was a substantial increase of 30-50% in the positivity of rsv from december to february.200515712541
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