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pyogenic arthritis and rheumatoid disease: the importance of the infected foot.during a nine-year period (1968--76) 75 patients were admitted to coventry hospitals becaues of pyogenic arthritis. of these patients, 22 suffered from pre-existing rheumatoid disease, and in these the foot was the most common site of primary infection. adequate and energetic management of foot problems and associated skin sepsis in patients suffering from rheumatoid disease appears to offer the best opportunity of reducing the incidence of superimposed pyogenic arthritis.1978366718
speciation, serotyping, antimicrobial sensitivity and plasmid content of proteeae from the environment of calf-rearing units in south west england.a survey was undertaken of the occurrence, serotype, antimicrobial sensitivity and plasmid content of members of the tribe proteeae in the environment of two calf-rearing units in the county of avon in south west england. examples of the following species were found: proteus mirabilis, prot. vulgaris, prot. vulgaris biogroup 2, morganella morganii, providencia stuartii, prov. alcalifaciens and prov. rettgeri. a wide range of serotypes was found, many having been previously reported from nosocomi ...19863540110
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