[the ratios and kinds of clinical bacteria isolated in taiwan's large-size hospitals].the prevalence of clinical bacteria, as isolated from linko chang-gung memorial hospital (2,300 beds) in the period january 1985 to december 1986 and from taipei veterans general hospital (2,300 beds) during the period january 1986 to december 1986, was analyzed with the following findings: (i) the isolation ratio of anaerobic and aerobic or facultative bactria during the period of investigation were 7.8% (5,513/70,799) and 92.2% (65,286/70,799), respectively. (ii) of the total aerobic or facult ...19892791722
comparison of aminoglycoside resistance patterns in japan, formosa, and korea, chile, and the united states.the resistance mechanisms of more than 2,000 aminoglycoside-resistant gram-negative aerobic bacteria were estimated by a method that assigned a biochemical mechanism based on susceptibility to selected aminoglycosides. strains from hospitals in japan, formosa, and korea (the far east) were compared with strains from chile and the united states. of the strains from chile, 90% had an aminoglycoside resistance pattern indicative of the 3-n-acetyltransferase [aac(3)-v] enzyme. of the strains from th ...19853914858
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