evaluation of the 10th external quality assessment scheme results in clinical microbiology laboratories in tehran and districts.we evaluated the performance of microbiology laboratories in the 10th run of the external quality assessment scheme (eqas) in tehran and districts. each laboratory was sent 2 species of bacteria for identification. of the 487 laboratories that participated, 437 returned their findings. while 77.0% and 69.9% correctly identified staphylococcus saprophyticus and citrobacter freundii respectively, only 29.8% correctly identified acinetobacter baumanii, 25.3% identified enterococcus faecalis and 35. ...200617037699
a survey on species and prevalence rate of bacterial agents isolated from cockroaches in three hospitals.the presence of cockroaches has health implications, such as nosocomial infection, as the insects move freely from areas within and around hospitals that may harbor pathogenic organisms. the goals of the present study were to determine species of bacteria isolated from cockroaches found in three tehran hospitals, and to determine distribution of potential vectors by species and sex. the study is descriptive laboratory research. a total of 305 cockroaches from three species were trapped and ident ...200918973441
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