[quality characterization of several bolognas in mexico. i. chemical and microbiologic evaluation].the state of sonora, is one of the main producers of beer, cattle and pork in méxico. in the work herein reported, it was determined that the total processed meat consumption in sonora was 403.69 ton/month. the main product was bologna which for this reason, was the basis of our study. chemical and microbiological evaluations of the commercial brands of bologna, purchased in local markets, were performed, including analysis for determinations of protein, ash, nitrites, phosphates and benzoic aci ...19883154074
[composition of proteins in the most used substitutes of maternal milk and their sanitary regulation].to determine the frequency of utilization of milk surrogates as well as their protein contents and composition19968966632
[quality characterization of several bolognas in mexico. ii. evaluation of the nutritive value of their proteins].bologna is the most widely consumed processed meat product in the state of sonora, mexico. in the study herein described, the nutritive value of the protein in each brand was evaluated by means of the protein efficiency ratio (per). additionally, protein apparent digestibility (cr2o3) and protein digestibility, both in vivo and in vitro, were determined, as well as apparent digestible energy in the same products. results revealed significant differences in per (p less than 0.05) among the commer ...19883154067
association of capn1 316, capn1 4751 and tg5 markers with bovine meat quality traits in mexico.we examined allele and genotype frequencies for the molecular markers capn1 316, capn1 4751 and tg5, and determined whether they are associated with beef quality traits in mexican cattle. one hundred and twenty-four longissimus dorsi muscle samples were collected from cattle from north, central and southern mexico. capn1 316 and capn1 4751 frequencies were determined using the allelic discrimination assay and the tg5 marker was typed by pcr-rflp. meat quality traits included intramuscular fat co ...201021161888
the role of landowners in jaguar conservation in sonora, mexico.the northernmost known breeding population of jaguars occurs in the municipality of nácori chico, sonora, mexico about 270 km from the united states-mexico border and may be the source from which jaguars sighted in the united states dispersed. since 1999 at least 11 jaguars (panthera onca) had been illegally killed in the area due to predator control programs. we initiated a jaguar landowner-based conservation plan in 2004. the eight participating landowners agreed to suspend predator control pr ...201020136872
prevalence of fasciola hepatica (elisa and fecal analysis) in ruminants from a semi-desert area in the northwest of mexico.the aim of the present study was to estimate the prevalence of fasciola hepatica in cattle, goats and sheep from the municipalities of guaymas and cajeme, sonora state, mexico using the indirect elisa and benedeck's sedimentation tests. a total of 2,936 serum and fecal samples from 1,346 bovines, 1,199 goats and 381 sheep were analyzed. other parameters such as breed and age were also taken into consideration. the results indicated a moderate percentage of prevalence for fasciolosis in these mun ...200717265091
[presence of coccidioidomycosis in cattle from the state of sonora]. 1978292103
tectonic influences on ground water quality: insight from complementary methods.a study using multiple techniques provided insight into tectonic influences on ground water systems; the results can help to understand ground water systems in the tectonically active western united states and other parts of the world. ground water in the san bernardino valley (arizona, united states and sonora, mexico) is the main source of water for domestic use, cattle ranching (the primary industry), and the preservation of threatened and endangered species. to improve the understanding of g ...200818194326
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