[anthrax in 2 communities in zacatecas, mexico]. 19846241475
[an evaluation of the effectiveness of laboratory diagnostic methods for brucellosis].the diagnostic value of bacteriological and serological methods for the laboratory diagnosis of brucellosis was studied. in the analysis of milk and cheese specimens brucella cultures were isolated and differentiated as b.melitensis, biovar i, and b.abortus, biovar 4. in 25.6% of cases b.melitensis culture, biovar 1, was isolated from the blood of persons suspected for brucellosis. the isolation of b.melitensis culture from milk showed that this infective agent migrated from small animals to cat ...19947992538
brucellosis in adult beef cattle of mexican origin shipped direct-to-slaughter into compare prevalence estimates of brucellosis (br) in adult beef cattle that originated from different states and regions of mexico and that were shipped direct-to-slaughter into texas during 1995.19989524645
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