[comparative evaluation of the indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbant assay in milk for the detection of cattle infected with brucella abortus, in herds located in the province of cundinamarca, colombia].to perform a comparative evaluation of the indirect enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ielisa) in milk, for the detection of brucella abortus in cattle, 1,523 milk samples were taken from individual animals and bulk milk belonging to 200 herds in the province of cundinamarca, colombia. all these herds were part of the official programme of monitoring free herds and determining herd prevalence in the province. the samples were submitted simultaneously to the milk ring test and the ielisa. a total ...200315005563
[participation of cattle ranches in the local and regional economy: the case of susa in 17th-century new granada]. 199920120535
serological response to cryptosporidium parvum in adult cattle from the andean region of colombia.single faecal and serum samples were individually collected from 135 asymptomatic adult cows on seven farms in cundinamarca (colombian andean region). tests for the presence of oocysts of cryptosporidium parvum (carbol fuchsin stain) and eimeria spp (flotation in saturated saline solution) revealed that none of the animals had coccidia in their faeces. the igg antibody levels to c. parvum were measured by an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) technique and the reactivity to c. parvum anti ...200111411953
[serological prevalence and evaluation of the risk factors of bovine enzootic leukosis in the bogotá savannah and the ubaté and chiquinquirá valleys, colombia].the authors present the results of a study to determine the serological prevalence of the enzootic bovine leukosis virus among dairy cows in the sabana de bogotá region and the ubaté and chiquinquirá valleys, the principal dairying areas of colombia. samples were taken from 919 animals selected at random from 420 farms in 51 municipalities, in accordance with a statistical sampling procedure developed previously, based on the cattle census maintained by the animal health and disease control offi ...19989850543
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