[selenium content in the blood cattle from venezuela. i. central and portugueste zones].whole blood concentrations of selenium were determined in 776 dairy cows and calves from 28 farms located in three states (aragua, carabobo and guárico) of the central zone of venezuela and in portuguesa state. selenium levels largely varied according to both the geographic distribution and animals breed. cattle from guárico state showed the lowest average concentration (0.21 ppm) and those from portuguesa the highest one (0.67 ppm). a group of animals from turén (a district of portuguesa state) ...1977931500
[determination of micro and macronutrients in the cattle of the venezuelan plains and their influence on the origin of bovine paraplegic syndrome].we report a study carried out in three livestock-producing regions of venezuela to determine the mineral status of grazing cattle and its relationship to the síndrome parpléjico del bovino (spb). animal tissue samples from blood and liver were collected from a total of 17 farms within three regions: southwest (apure), central (guárico) and southeast (bolívar) both during the dry and rainy seasons. in spb free animals, the serum levels of sodium, potassium, chloride, magnesium, total and ionized ...19948731297
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