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animal movement and establishment of vaccinia virus cantagalo strain in amazon biome, understand the emergence of vaccinia virus cantagalo strain in the amazon biome of brazil, during 2008-2010 we conducted a molecular and epidemiologic survey of poxvirus outbreaks. data indicate that animal movement was the major cause of virus dissemination within rondonia state, leading to the establishment and spread of this pathogen.201121470472
cattle, clean water, and climate change: policy choices for the brazilian agricultural the amazonian agricultural frontier, pasture for cattle ranching is an important and potentially hazardous form of land use because of sediment erosion as pastures degrade. this relationship between ranching, sediment load, and water quality is likely to further exacerbate environmental impacts, particularly in the context of climate change. we examine the role that river basin councils (rbcs) - a water governance option of brazil's 1997 national water act - might play in managing this nonpoi ...201020961050
frequency of group a rotavirus in diarrhoeic calves in brazilian cattle herds, 1998-2002.the frequency of group a bovine rotavirus (gpa brv) in calves from 1998 to 2002 was determined by the polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis technique in 2177 faecal samples, of which 1898 samples were diarrhoeic and 279 were of normal consistency (control group) that were collected from asymptomatic calves for comparative purposes. the animals were from beef and dairy cattle herds (n = 321) from 158 counties in seven states (paraná, são paulo, minas gerais, mato grosso do sul, mato grosso, goiás an ...200617265766
prevalence of anti-neospora caninum antibodies in cattle and dogs from western amazon, brazil, in association with some possible risk factors.for evaluation of the prevalence of anti-neospora caninum antibodies and its associated risk factors, serum samples from 2109 cattle (11 beef, 50 dairy and 25 mixed farms) and 174 dogs were examined in the state of rondônia, western amazon, brazil. an inquiry was applied in each farm. sera were examined by the indirect fluorescence antibody test (ifat) using cut off dilution of 1:25 for cattle and 1:50 for dogs. statistical association between the serologic status and several variables were anal ...200616857319
prevalence of antibodies to neospora caninum in dogs from amazon, brazil.neospora caninum is an important cause of abortion in dairy cattle worldwide. dogs are important in the epidemiology of this parasite because they are the only hosts known to excrete n. caninum oocysts. antibodies to n. caninum were assayed in serum samples from 157 dogs from monte negro, rondônia, amazon, brazil using the indirect fluorescent antibody test. antibodies to n. caninum were found in 13 (8.3%) of dogs in titers of 1:50 in 1, 1:100 in 2, 1:200 in 5, 1:800 in 1, 1:1600 in 2, and 1:320 ...200312860070
forests or fields? a response to the theory that tropical forest conservation poses a threat to the poor.a rebuttal is provided of david wood's proposal to open up tropical forests to agricultural uses. concern is raised that his proposal exaggerates the ability of forests to regenerate after agricultural uses, sacrifices tropical forests in the name of alleviating poverty and in support of large land owners, and prevents valuable potential resource use by local populations. there is misunderstanding by wood of conservationists' postures and the cause of current deforestation. in brazil, defores ...199312345003
biting behavior of anopheles mosquitoes in costa marques, rondonia, brazil.mosquito collections were made in and near costa marques, rondonia, brazil, to determine anopheline anthropophilic/zoophilic behavior. collections from a non-illuminated, bovine-baited trap and indoor and outdoor human-bait collections were compared. anopheles darlingi and anopheles deaneorum were more anthropophilic than the other anophelines collected. the remainder of the anopheles species were collected much more frequently in bovine-baited traps than in human-bait collections. anopheles dar ...19911815282
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