[planned control of reproduction processes in industrialized cattle production].reference is made to the authors' own experience and to evaluated literature in an account of possibilities which so far have been explored for planned control of reproduction processes in industrialised cattle production. synchronisation of oestrus in heifer has been found to be suitable for reproduction control even under conditions of industrialised production. the method has been in use on several farms. synchronisation of oestrus in cow is an approach which still is in the process of transl ...1977607889
ecology of staphylococcus aureus: characterization of strains from chicken.the majority of s. aureus strains isolated from beak-swabs and pathological processes in chicken shows coagulation of human plasma (not of bovine plasma), crystal violet-type a, hemolysine-type a, formation of fibrinolysin, not formation of dnase and reactions with the experimental phage a1591. because of the absence of dnase-formation and the reaction-specificity for phage a1591 we propose to designate these strains as host-specific variety gallinae of s. aureus. the strains from chicken are co ...1977610065
[serologic studies of the occurrence of borrelia burgdorferi in domestic animals in berlin (west)].the prevalence of b. burgdorferi, the causative agent of lyme borreliosis in humans, was determined in domestic animals living in berlin. 189 dogs, 29 cats, 224 horses and 194 cows were investigated. using the indirect immunofluorescence test (ift) 5.8% of the dogs and 24.5% of the cows investigated showed a positive reaction at titres of 1:128 or higher. horses and cats gave negative results. elisa was more sensitive than ift. 10.1% of the dogs, 16.1% of the horses and 66% of the local cows sho ...19902268252
[tests for para-influenza 3 on slaughterhouse cattle and milking cows from west berlin herds]. 19664291285
[perinatal losses of calves]. 19744477003
koch's remedy for tuberculosis. 19734582214
[contributions on the life cycle of sarcosporidia. ii. dog and cat as vectors of cattle sarcosporidia]. 19724624269
[examination of animals for slaughter before leaving their herds]. 19744848699
[clinic for diseases of ungulates and for animal reproduction]. 19744858676
[sodium, potassium, calcium, inorganic phosphate, cholesterol, total protein content and activity of alkaline phosphatase in the serum of turkish and german cattle for slaughter]. 19695388407
[liver rot in the area covered by the combined slaughterhouses of berlin]. 19675627935
[on the epidemiology of rabies in germany with special reference to the 1966 study results]. 19685693123
[research on the occurrence of dermatophytes in various types of soil]. 19655893112
[data on the cysticercus infestation from the slaughterhouses of berlin]. 19666009277
[working-time standards for veterinary examination in slaughtering]. 19666009610
classics in infectious diseases. the etiology of tuberculosis: robert koch. berlin, germany 1882. 19826818657
[the role of mycobacterium bovis in epidemiology of tuberculosis].after a short review of opinions concerning the role of mycobacterium bovis in tuberculosis of men in the past and of earlier findings in german democratic republic, the results of species determination of mycobacteria from 5210 patients living in the capital berlin and in the districts of frankfurt/oder, neubrandenberg, potsdam and rostock - obtained between 1975 and 1980 -, are presented. in children, tuberculosis has generally practically disappeared, and thus disease due to mycobacterium bov ...19827041439
recent measures to further reduce dioxin impact on man and the environment in the federal republic of germany.during last year's dioxin symposium at tampere/finnland a report was given on the legislative actions of the german federal government to reduce dioxin release into the environment (1). since then, further progress has been made, especially to regulate chemicals and to establish orientation values for pcdd/f in cow's milk. an international dioxin symposium and hearing was held in berlin in november 1992, which focused on the scientific base for legislative and other governmental action to minimi ...19947850392
[veterinary medicine and preventive medicine].veterinary medicine concentrates its main activities onto the curative practice for animals but also onto the field of health protection for men since a very long time. but as late as in the year 1900 the first regulation by law within the modern world was edited in germany. it was initiated by the well-known pathologist virchow in berlin and elaborated, besides other veterinarians, by the first food hygienist at the veterinary school of berlin, robert von ostertag. at that time, the protection ...19979451842
the legacy of friedrich loeffler--the institute on the isle of riems.when starting the experiments on foot and mouth disease on the isle of riems in october 1910, friedrich loeffler could continue investigations that had been interrupted in 1907 by ministerial order. loeffler's appointment to berlin in 1913 and his sudden death in 1915 lead to the temporary cessation of work on the riems. with high personal creativity and many years of seminal influence, otto waldmann carried loeffler's ideas further, in the selection of themes and research strategy, making the r ...199910470268
the 100th anniversary of wassermann-neisser-bruck reaction.august paul von wassermann (1866-1925), german bacteriologist, together with albert neisser (1855-1916), german dermatologist and venereologist, and carl bruck (1879-1944), german dermatologist and venereologist, developed the first serologic test for the diagnosis of syphilis. they published their first article about it on may 10, 1906 (dtsch med wochenschr 1906;32:745). they made use of the idea of the complement fixation test of jules bordet (1870-1961) and octave gengou (1875-1957), so the w ...200818280907
[drug-induced termination of lactation in dairy cows using benzathine-cloxacillin. iv. observations from the economic viewpoint]. 1977561604
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