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[preliminary study on the prevalence of fasciolosis with fasciola hepatica in some bovine breeding facilities of the northern center of algeria (the mitidja)].in algeria, cattle fasciolosis is a parasitic pathology very frequently met at slaughterhouses level; however its prevalence on a national scale is unknown. to this end, we conducted a study on the prevalence of fasciolosis to fasciola hepatica in 202 bovine breedings in the area of mitidja (northern algerian center), from february to may 2005. 1,870 serums were analyzed by an elisa method and 1,870 faeces underwent coproscopic analyses. no eggs of fasciola hepatica were detected by the coprolog ...200919739415
molecular characterization of mycobacterium bovis strains isolated from cattle slaughtered at two abattoirs in algeria.bovine tuberculosis is prevalent in algeria despite governmental attempts to control the disease. the objective of this study was to conduct, for the first time, molecular characterization of a population sample of mycobacterium bovis strains isolated from slaughter cattle in algeria. between august and november 2007, 7250 animals were consecutively screened at the abattoirs of algiers and blida. in 260 animals, gross visible granulomatous lesions were detected and put into culture. bacterial is ...200919173726
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