[the circulation of viruses of the california encephalitis and bunyamwera groups (bunyaviridae, bunyavirus) on the northeastern russian plain].in the komi assr, 102.2 thousand mosquitoes, 207 small mammals, 1487 blood serum specimens from people, 793 cow blood sera, 140 blood serum specimens from reindeer were collected in june-august, 1988. twenty seven virus strains isolated from mosquitoes were classified into bunyaviridae family according to the data of electron microscopic studies. identification of the isolates by cft and ifa showed 18 of the strains to belong to california encephalitis complex and 9 to bunyamwera complex. serolo ...19911677507
[the isolation of tick-borne encephalitis virus strains and the determination of the scope of immune stratification among the population and the domestic animals on the northern russian plain].between 1986 and 1987 the authors conducted virological survey of 689 ixodes persulcatus and 420 mouse-like and insectivorous rodents at the territory of arkhangelsk province and the republic of komi. a total of 8 strains of tick-borne encephalitis virus were isolated. out of them 3 strains were isolated from small mammalians (2 from clethrionomys glareolus, 1 from microtus oeconomus) at the southeastern areas of arkhangelsk province within the middle taiga subarea, 5 strains were isolated from ...19902145500
[the epidemiology of yersinia infections in the central taiga subzone of the eastern european plain].the seroepidemiological survey of the population in four southern regions of the komi republic for the presence of pseudotuberculosis and enteric yersiniosis was carried out. the survey revealed a high level of seroconversions to with respect to enteric yersiniosis (26.2 +/- 2.7% with the average antibody titer being 2.6 +/- 0.2 log2) and rare contacts of the rural population with y. pseudotuberculosis (0.4%). moreover, the intensity of contacts of the population with the infective agent was fou ...19938067089
[seasonal dynamics of the component community structure of parasites of the minnow phoxinus phoxinus (l.)].the material represented by 75 specimens of minnow of the age 2-2(+) was collected according to the standard technique in the chovju river (tributary of the vychegda river, a region of the settlement nizniy chov, district of syktyvkar town) during the period june-september 2000. the quantitative estimation of the structure of the component parasite communities was performed by calculating errors of the equation of regression for each species group separately, with subsequent summarizing of means ...200415553771
radiation effects in wild terrestrial vertebrates - the epic collection.the paper presents data on radiation effects in populations of wild vertebrate animals inhabiting contaminated terrestrial ecosystems. the data were extracted from the database "radiation effects on biota", compiled within the framework of the ec project epic (2000-2003). the data collection, based on publications in russian, demonstrates radiation effects in the areas characterized with high levels of radionuclides (kyshtym radioactive trace; "spots" of enhanced natural radioactivity in the kom ...200616500005
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