[surveillance on the dynamics of leptospirosis epidemics in the chongqing section of the three gorges dam area].to analyze the changes of leptospirosis epidemic characteristics before and after the phase 2 'reservoir store water project' in chongqing section of the three gorges dam area and to provide prevention, control and intervention measures to prevent the spread of leptospirosis from infectious focus to the three gorges dam area and downstream region of changjiang river.200717850708
epidemiological survey on escherichia coli o157 in chongqing and three-gorge reservoir areas of china.prevalence, presence of virulence and adherence associated genes, genetic diversity, biochemical characteristics, and antibiotic susceptibility were determined for escherichia coli o157 isolated over 4 months in chongqing city and three-gorge reservoir areas. 11 isolates of e. coli o157 were isolated from 1504 samples and 7 of them are o157:h7 and 4 are o157:h? all o157:h7 isolates had eaea, ehxa, espa and tccp genes, but did not have stx1 and stx2. all o157:h? isolates did not have stx1, stx2, ...200818481192
the prevalence of food allergy in infants in chongqing, china.over the past three decades, the prevalence of allergic diseases has markedly increased in developed countries. there has been a paucity of data on food allergy (fa) in developing countries such as china. we aimed to estimate the prevalence and the clinical features of fa in chinese infants attending a routine well-baby clinic in chongqing, china.201121265885
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