prevalence and molecular characterization of human and bovine cryptosporidium isolates in thailand.this study was performed to determine the prevalence and genotypes of cryptosporidium species among hiv patients and cattle in thailand. stool specimens were collected from 46 hiv patients from prabat nampu temple, lop buri province in central thailand. two hundred fecal samples from dairy cattle were collected from seven farms in chon buri province, the eastern part of thailand. each sample was concentrated by sheather's sucrose flotation technique and stained by acid fast stain (afs) for the i ...200818709387
agricultural development paths and pest management: a pragmatic view of sustainability.historical profiles can be used to portray past pathways of agricultural development, the factors that affected pest status and the responses made by farmers in the form of pest management. understanding the key factors affecting these historical developments is thought to be crucial for identifying likely future scenarios and associated opportunities and constraints for improving pest management. evidence for this view is provided by four case studies: brassica pests in the united kingdom; tset ...19938149816
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