assessment of the content of phenolics and antioxidant actions of the rubiaceae, ebenaceae, celastraceae, erythroxylaceae and sterculaceae families of mauritian endemic plants.there is continued interest in the assessment of the bioefficacy of the active principles in extracts from a variety of traditional medicine and food plants in order to determine their impact on the management of a variety of clinical conditions and maintenance of health. the polyphenolic composition and antioxidant potential of mauritian endemic plants of the rubiaceae, ebenaceae, celastraceae, erythroxylaceae and sterculaceae family were determined. the phenolics level of the plant extracts va ...200817911003
salmonella enterica serovar typhimurium in mauritius linked to consumption of marlin mousse.we report the first outbreak of salmonellosis caused by consumption of contaminated marlin mousse. between 29 october and 5 november 2008, at least 53 persons developed diarrheal illness, all with a history of eating marlin mousse. salmonella spp. that did not produce gas from glucose was isolated from stools of 26 affected patients and blood culture from one patient. salmonella sp. isolates with the same phenotype were isolated in three samples of marlin mousse manufactured on 27 october 2008. ...200919580452
a quantitative ethnozoological assessment of traditionally used animal-based therapies in the tropical island of mauritius.there is currently a dearth of documentation on the use of animal-based therapies (abt) in mauritius. this study was therefore designed to gather primary folk knowledge on the different abt used by mauritians. failure to document such knowledge can results in losses in both the use of such remedies and in the scientific documentation of the cultural traditions of animals used in the treatment and/or management of human diseases. the aim of the study is to collect, analyze, document and dissemina ...201424824877
[entomological surveillance in mauritius].the entomological surveillance is an essential link in the fight against malaria in mauritius. because of the large number of malaria-infected travellers in mauritius and the presence of the vector anopheles arabiensis, the risk of local transmission is very real. the medical entomology division together with the malaria control unit and the health appointees exert a rigorous entomological surveillance of malaria. field agents make entomological investigations of pilot villages and around the ha ...19958784549
ethnopharmacological survey of native remedies commonly used against infectious diseases in the tropical island of mauritius.infectious diseases (ids) still remain a major cause of mortality and morbidity worldwide. this study has been geared to gather primary ethnopharmacological information on common native remedies (nrs) used to treat and/or manage common infectious diseases from different regions of mauritius, a tropical multicultural island in the indian ocean. given the dearth of updated information on traditional medicine of mauritius, this work can provide an opportunity to establish valuable primary informati ...201222884867
characterization of the phenolic constituents in mauritian endemic plants as determinants of their antioxidant activities in vitro.the phenolic constituents of mauritian endemic plants from the rubiaceae and myrtaceae family were assessed and correlated with their potential antioxidant activities in vitro. the antioxidant activities of the plant extracts ranged from 0.27 to 1.49mmol trolox equivalent/g fw and from 0.20 to 1.39mmol fe(ii) equivalent/g fw in the teac and fap assays, respectively, with syzygium commersonii showing the highest activity in these two systems. eugenia orbiculata and all the syzygium species were e ...200616442185
[marie francois eloy de beauvais and veterinary education in france, 1784].born in méricourt-l'abbé (france,) 1744, marie-françois de beauvais entered the veterinary school in lyon in 1762 where he was granted. in 1766, he is appointed professor at alfort where he worked in anatomy with fragonard. on 1771, he is sent to lle de france (today isle mauritius) where he studied cattle diseases. in 1784, he founded on the isle the 3rd french royal veterinary school. he was director until the occupation of the isle by british troops in 1810. he died in 1815 in mauritius.200312839018
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