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redescription of sphaerirostris picae (acanthocephala: centrorhynchidae) from magpie, pica pica, in northern iran, with special reference to unusual receptacle structures and notes on histopathology.adults of sphaerirostris picae (rudolphi, 1819) golvan, 1956 are described from european magpie, pica pica linnaeus (corvidae), collected in 2008 from wooded areas near the northern iranian town of tonekabon by the southern shores of the caspian sea. other specimens also were collected from corvus cornix linnaeus, corvus corone linnaeus, and corvus frugilegus linnaeus (corvidae) in the same location, as well as from some of these hosts in other locations. our specimens had 31-38 proboscis hook r ...201020557203
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