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salt gland adenitis associated with bacteria in blue penguins (eudyptula minor) from hauraki gulf (auckland, new zealand).three blue penguins (eudyptula minor) were rescued between july 2006 and january 2007 off the east coast of auckland, new zealand. they were taken to a rehabilitation center, where they subsequently died in may 2007 and were submitted for necropsy. there was unilateral enlargement of the salt glands with disseminated small, pale, and firm foci in all birds. histologic examination of the affected glands demonstrated the presence of multifocal granulomas and areas of severe squamous metaplasia of ...201020090017
cases of mortality in little penguins (eudyptula minor) in new zealand associated with avian history a little penguin (eudyptula minor) of wild origin, in captivity at wellington zoo, became inappetent and lethargic in march 2013. despite supportive care in the zoo's wildlife hospital, the bird died within 24 hours. clinical findings weight loss, dehydration, pale mucous membranes, weakness, increased respiratory effort and biliverdinuria were apparent on physical examination. microscopic evaluation of blood smears revealed intra-erythrocytic stages of plasmodium spp. and a regener ...201728738733
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