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[atomospheric pollens in ciudad de la piedad, mich]. 19675610196
uptake of porcine rubulavirus (lpmv) by pk-15 cells.the porcine virus denominated la piedad michoacan virus (lpmv) is a member of the family paramyxoviridae and is the cause of a disease in pigs present only in mexico. the disease is characterized by meningoencephalitis and respiratory distress in young pigs, epididymitis and orchitis in boars, and reproductive failure and abortion in sows.200111578755
molecular characterization of the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase gene of porcine rubulavirus isolates associated with neurological disorders in fattening and adult pigs."blue eye disease" is a viral infection of swine endemic in mexico, which produces fatal encephalitis accompanied by respiratory signs and corneal opacity in suckling piglets. an atypical blue eye disease outbreak presented high rates of neurological signs in fattening and adult pigs from 2000 to 2003. in order to identify the basis of increased neurovirulence, the hemagglutinin-neuraminidase (hn) gene of several porcine rubulavirus isolates were sequenced and compared with that of la piedad mic ...200818031776
[biological characterization of three natural isolates of the porcine rubulavirus (mexico)].biological characterization of three natural isolates of the porcine rubulavirus (mexico). porcine rubulavirus (porv) produces a neurological and reproductive syndrome in pigs called the blue-eye disease, known only from mexico. several isolates were grouped by the main symptoms presented during outbreaks: a) neurotropic in piglets, (b) broadly neurotropic in piglets and gonadotropic in adults, and (c) gonadotropic in adults. we studied some biological properties of three strains, which fall in ...200819256422
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