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[factors influencing the prescribing of nootropic drugs. results of a representative inquiry in lower saxony].to discover (1) to what extent patients' wishes and the extent of any abnormality of brain performance influence the frequency with which "nootropic" drugs (those thought to affect brain activity, e.g. piracetam, pyritinol, or improve cerebral circulation, e.g. xanthine derivatives, ginkgo biloba, secale alkaloids, calcium antagonists) are prescribed; (2) the medical practitioner's expectations of the effectiveness of such medications.19957493562
prescribing practice with cognition enhancers in outpatient care: are there differences regarding type of dementia?--results of a representative survey in lower saxony, germany.previous studies of cognition enhancers have mainly focused on insufficiently defined groups of cognition disorders, e.g., "cerebral insufficiency". with regard to the various biological changes in senile dementia of alzheimer's type (sdat) and in vascular dementia (vd), which together make up the great majority of senile dementias, many authors have encouraged different studies of these types of dementias, especially since both can be diagnosed clinically with satisfying certainty. since primar ...19968858714
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