variation in ginkgo biloba l. leaf characters across a climatic gradient in china.fossil leaves assigned to the genus ginkgo are increasingly being used to reconstruct mesozoic and tertiary environments based on their stomatal and carbon isotopic characteristics. we sought to provide a more secure basis for understanding variations seen in the plant fossil record by determining the natural variability of these properties of sun and shade leaf morphotypes of ginkgo biloba trees under the present atmospheric co2 concentration and a range of contemporary climates in three chines ...200312777617
[study on dynamical changes of ginkgo biloba resources in pizhou city of jiangsu province base on rs and gis].to analyse the dynamical changes of the ginkgo biloba's resources from 2001 to 2006, in pizhou city, jiangshu province by useing spatial analytical function of gis and rs technology.200718051890
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