mortality of waterfowl on a hypersaline wetland as a result of salt encrustation.approximately 300 geese, primarily lesser canada geese (branta canadensis parvipes) were found unable to fly or dead on a small hypersaline lake (conductivity 77,000-90,000 mumhos/cm) in western saskatchewan in september 1985. the birds were heavily encrusted with sodium sulfate crystals. dead birds that were necropsied had aspirated lake water and had evidence of acute muscle degeneration. the live geese (155) were captured and moved to nearby freshwater wetlands where most apparently survived. ...19873820414
epizootic necrotic enteritis in wild geese.outbreaks of a disease characterized by severe necrotic enteritis occurred among canada geese (branta canadensis), lesser snow geese (anser caerulescens), ross' geese (a. rossi), and white-fronted geese (a. albifrons) on lakes in saskatchewan and manitoba during the autumn of 1983, 1984 and 1985. ducks using the lakes were apparently not affected. lesions in the geese closely resembled those described in enteritides in other species associated with the proliferation of clostridium perfringens in ...19873625893
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