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mycobacterium intracellulare (battey bacillus) infection in a florida wood duck (aix sponsa). some epidemiologic considerations. 19695357701
hematozoa of wood ducks (aix spons) in the atlantic flyway.a total of 213 wood ducks (aix sponsa) from 24 localities in 12 states in the atlantic flyway was examined for blood parasites in 1976 and 1977. hematozoa were present in birds from every collection site from virginia northward to maine. only one infection was detected in birds from north carolina southward to florida. haemoproteus nettionis was the most common parasite, occurring in 56% of the northern wood ducks; leucocytozoon simondi (20%), plasmodium circumflexum (6%), and microfilariae (18% ...19806774111
an epizootic of avian botulism in a phosphate mine settling pond in northern florida.type c botulism was determined to be the cause of an epizootic among waterfowl and shorebirds in a phosphate mine settling pond in northern florida during may and june of 1979. several hundred birds, the most common of which were american coots (fulica americana), wood ducks (aix sponsa), common gallinules (gallinula chloropus), and northern shovelers (anas clypeata), were afflicted over about a three-week period. a second smaller outbreak occurred in the same pond in early december of 1979. thi ...19806997514
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