diagnosing mycobacterial lymphadenitis in children using fine needle aspiration biopsy: cytomorphology, zn staining and autofluorescence -- making more of less.although the incidence of tb has stabilized or declined in most world regions, it is increasing in africa, southeast asia, and the eastern mediterranean, fuelled by the hiv pandemic. more than 4,000 people died daily from tb-related illnesses in 2005. tb is a major cause of childhood morbidity and mortality in these developing countries, and there is an urgent need for rapid and definitive modalities for mycobacterial diagnosis in children. this prospective study in tygerberg hospital, cape town ...200818335554
actinomadura rudentiformis sp. nov., isolated from part of an antibiotic-screening programme, the actinomycete strain hmc1(t) was isolated from soil collected from the banks of the gamka river in the swartberg nature reserve, western cape province, south africa. the isolate produced branching vegetative mycelia, which entwined to form rope-like structures. it exhibited antibiosis against enterococcus faecium vana (a vancomycin-resistant clinical strain) and mycobacterium aurum a+. organic solvent extracts of the culture filtrate and mycelial ...200717220439
novel human in vitro system for evaluating antimycobacterial vaccines.major research efforts are directed towards the development of a better antimycobacterial vaccine. but progress in the field of tuberculosis vaccine development has been hampered by the lack of human in vitro models to assess vaccine immunogenicity and efficacy. new candidate vaccines will have to be evaluated against the existing mycobacterium bovis bcg "gold standard." it is therefore important to understand the type of immune responses elicited by bcg vaccination to enable comparisons with po ...200415501770
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