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[hematophagic activity of and environmental effect on the main malaria vector in cuba: anopheles albimanus].an ecological study of anopheles (n) albimanus in a suburban population of camagüey province was carried out using a human bait in two trap points (indoor and outdoor). a higher quantity of females in the rainy season was observed together with a marked exophagic trend with peak activity in the early hours of the evening outdoor and in the early hours of the morning indoor. the abiotic influence on the fluctuation of the anophele population in both trap station was proved.199910887563
[entomological observations of a malarial outbreak during an intensive surveillance stage in albaisa, camagüey].an entomological study of the species of anopheles genus existing in albaisa, a rural area located in camagüey province, was conducted through catching on human bait during an intensive surveillance stage of a malarial outbreak. this study was made from november to december 1990. the species anopheles albimanus contributed the highest values of abundance and parity. by evaluating the last biotic variable, it will be possible to achieve a reliable assessment of the infective capacity of this spec ...200215849938
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