[the pilot project results of applications of the biolarvicide bacillus sphaericus 2362 on mosquito breeding grounds of the town of santa cruz del norte (la habana province)].the effectiveness of the bacillus sphaericus strain 2362 in liquid formulation, at a 10 ml/m2 dose, was tested in 157 breeding sites of culex quinquefasciatus mosquitos, 2 breeding sites of culex quinquefasciatus and anopheles albimanus and 1 breeding site of aedes taeniorhynchus, consisting of 1 river, 2 oxidation ponds, 1 pond, 4 dams, 2 microdams and 150 pits. the results reached with the application of 1800 1 of biolarvicide show its effectiveness. within 24 hours of treatment, mortality rat ...19911801088
[the infective capacity of the nematode romanomermis culicivorax ross et smith, 1976 (rhabditida: mermithidae) in mosquito larvae of the species anopheles albimanus wiedemann, 1821 (diptera: culicidae) under natural conditions].an experimental study was carried out in two natural breeding sites of anopheles albimanus wiedemann, 1821 in havana city, in order to test the effectiveness of the nematode romanomermis culicivorax ross and smith, 1976. in one of the breeding sites fresh preparasiticals from eggs recently hatched in cultures were applied at a 10:1 dose, a mean infestation rate being found of mean = 3 with a 97 +/- 0.86% mortality. the second breeding site was treated with preparasiticals 30 hours after their ob ...19911801090
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