phenotypic, genetic, and phylogeographical characterization of avian influenza virus subtype h5n2 isolated from northern pintail (anas acuta) in japan.intercontinental movements of northern pintail (anas acuta) ducks wintering in japan create a high-risk of both incursion and dispersion of avian influenza viruses (aivs) that circulate in the ducks' breeding grounds in siberia and alaska. this predisposition is likely amplified by bi-directional conveyance of aivs between japan and china. in this study, h5n2 viruses were characterized by means of ha cleavage site sequencing and found to be low pathogenic. through entire genome analysis, as well ...200919635509
surveillance of avian influenza viruses in northern pintails (anas acuta) in tohoku district, japan.among winter migratory waterfowl, northern pintails (anas acuta), in one of the largest flocks in tohoku district, northeast japan, were surveyed for influenza a viruses at five wintering sites in three prefectures, viz., aomori, akita, and miyagi. a total of 38 influenza a viruses were isolated from 2066 fecal samples collected during november 2006 through march 2007. the overall isolation rate was 1.84%. eleven different subtypes were isolated, including nine h5n2, seven h6n8, seven h10n1, fou ...200818459295
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