conservation genetics of the fisher (martes pennanti) based on mitochondrial dna sequencing.translocation of animals to re-establish extirpated populations or to maintain declining ones has often been carried out without genetic information on source or target populations, or adequate consideration of the potential effects of mixing genetic stocks. we consider the conservation status of the fisher (martes pennanti) and evaluate the potential genetic consequences of past and future translocations on this medium-sized carnivore by examining population variation in mitochondrial control-r ...200312492877
cellular microbiology in the 21st century.dr finlay is a professor in the michael smith laboratories, and the departments of biochemistry and molecular biology, and microbiology and immunology at the university of british columbia (ubc), canada. he obtained a bsc (honors) in biochemistry at the university of alberta, canada, where he also studied for his phd (1986) in biochemistry under dr william paranchych, studying f-like plasmid conjugation. his postdoctoral studies were performed with dr stanley falkow at the department of medical ...200617661627
erosion of interspecific reproductive barriers resulting from hatchery supplementation of rainbow trout sympatric with cutthroat trout.the frequency of hybridization between cutthroat (onchorhynchus clarki clarki) and rainbow (o. mykiss irideus) trout from coastal habitats in british columbia, canada, was examined in seven populations where the two species are sympatric with no history of rainbow trout stocking and compared with areas where native rainbow trout populations have been supplemented with hatchery fish (three populations). four nuclear markers were used to identify each species and interspecific hybrids and one mito ...200314629366
knowledge, attitudes, and values among physicians working with clinical genomics: a survey of medical has been over a decade since the completion of the human genome project (hgp), genomic sequencing technologies have yet to become parts of standard of care in canada. this study investigates medical oncologists' (mos) genomic literacy and their experiences based on their participation in a cancer genomics trial in british columbia, canada.201728655303
recreational anglers' attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors related to catch-and-release practices of pacific salmon in british columbia.the fate of captured and released fish in recreational fisheries depends in large part on fisher handling and behavior. as such, there is a need for promoting adoption of responsible fishing practices. we interviewed recreational sockeye salmon anglers in the lower fraser river, british columbia, to assess their awareness of responsible fishing practices and identify gaps where improved education could promote conservation-oriented behaviors. based on our interview data, we developed three laten ...201323872215
breast cancer treatment and ethnicity in british columbia, canada.racial and ethnic disparities in breast cancer incidence, stage at diagnosis, survival and mortality are well documented; but few studies have reported on disparities in breast cancer treatment. this paper compares the treatment received by breast cancer patients in british columbia (bc) for three ethnic groups and three time periods. values for breast cancer treatments received in the bc general population are provided for reference.201020406489
laparoscopic versus abdominal myomectomy: practice patterns and health care use in british examine the relative frequency and surgical outcomes of laparoscopic myomectomy compared with abdominal myomectomy in british columbia.201425222361
using grizzly bears to assess harvest-ecosystem tradeoffs in salmon fisheries.implementation of ecosystem-based fisheries management (ebfm) requires a clear conceptual and quantitative framework for assessing how different harvest options can modify benefits to ecosystem and human beneficiaries. we address this social-ecological need for pacific salmon fisheries, which are economically valuable but intercept much of the annual pulse of nutrient subsidies that salmon provide to terrestrial and aquatic food webs. we used grizzly bears, vectors of salmon nutrients and animal ...201222505845
trends in plasma hiv-rna suppression and antiretroviral resistance in british columbia, examine temporal trends in plasma viral load (pvl) suppression and antiretroviral resistance from 1997 to 2010 in british columbia (bc), canada, and determine characteristics, pvl ranges, and resistance profiles of hiv-positive individuals with unsuppressed pvl in 2010.201423978999
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